How to help?

If you want to contribute to the project you can read the following:

You can become an AdultGuide and via Per Olesen request acrylic paint, brushes and 2 canvas' (18x24 cm)

See from which countries paintings are needed and from where paintings have already arrived under the menu called ”Paintings”

Learn more about your job as an AdultGuide under directions here:

Directions for the project MicroPaintings

The child must live in the same country where the painting take place and at least one of the childs parents must be born in the same country as the child.

The child must be between 4-15 years old and the AdultGuide must find both a girl and a boy who each gets its own canvas. Brushes and paint must be shared between the children.

The child must use the canvas, the acrylic paint and the brushes intended for the project. The brushes can be cleansed with water

The AdultGuide must together with the painting bring a photo of the child and a note with the full name of the child, residence and age to the Association MicroPaintings network.

Questions can be directed to Per Olesen on: or Phone: 0045 22 30 19 70

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