Welcome to the Association MicroPaintings whose aim is to collect 386 paintings created by children of both sexes aged 4-15 years old from each of the 193 countries in the world.

We or you collect the paintings by creating contacts to people who travels around the world and returns to Denmark.

When these people depart, the association delivers, 2 small canvas, 1 small box of paint, 3 brushes and simple directions - all for free.
One of the few demands is that the child must live in the country in which the painting takes place. Besides, at least one of the childrens parents have to be born in the same country as the painting takes place - all other demands can be seen on "How to help?"

When all paintings are back they will collectively be sold for the benefit of microfinance to developing countries. The profit from the sale will be deposited into a closed account where it will be invested in microfinance.

Microfinance is basically lending small amounts of money to people in developing countries at a reasonable interest rate.

For those money they buy goats, cows, hens, farmland et cetera and open small shops which create new jobs. Finally this makes these people; self-supporting and thus able to pay for schooling, food, medicine et cetera.

The idea about microfinance was developed by Nobel Prize winner Muhammed Yunus and has proven to be successful and contains realistic prospects for the borrower in the local community.

This success is mainly the result of the personal responsibility for the refund of the loan and as a further aspect a higher extent of independence for the borrower.

Therefore you are welcome to help if you travel abroad or to spread the idea through your network.

Tlf.: 0045 2230 1970 or perolesen@mikromalerier.dk


The Association MicroPaintings

Chairman Per Olesen